Peter Gosselin

B.A. Economics

For the past 30 years Peter has been involved in First Nation and Métis economic and business development.  Either, as a Métis entrepreneur or working with First Nation and Métis communities and corporations across Western Canada.


As an entrepreneur, Peter has privately owned and operated businesses in the construction, food service, food and beverage sales, small-scale farming, business services and IT sectors.


Always employed for his expertise in Indigenous business development, community engagement, corporate engagement, and investment attraction; Peter worked with both the provincial and federal governments.  

Mr. William (Xuewei) Wang

MBA, M.Sc., B.Eng, PMP

Mr. William Wang has extensive experience in managing business development projects between Canada and Asia (especially Greater China) with success records. He managed Saskatchewan’s economic and government relations with the Greater China area from 2007 to 2021 facilitating over 1.3 Billion CAD$ investment into Canada.


Mr. William Wang has strong knowledge and skills on business strategies, business plans, economic development, investment attraction, trade promotion, relationship building, market intelligence, market analysis, international business, and foreign markets. He not only has a deep understanding of business culture, business management, and the local business environment in North America but also in Asia.